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It used to be that ANYONE that could fog a mirror could get a loan….well, things have changed!  You now need a 640+ score, a Down Payment, 2 year job history…..to say the least! However, since 2003 The H.O.P.E. Program has helped people Buy a Home Zero Down that started with under a 500 credit score! The USDA still has Zero Down Loan Programs and FHA still has 3% Down Home Loan Programs!  But….you need to qualify for these types of loans, AND THAT IS WHERE The H.O.P.E. Program comes in! With well over 200,000 Facebook Likes, you can see we know what we are doing and we can FOR SURE help you…..read on about our program….

Do You just want a home of your own that you can call your own? Are you tired of dead ends? Games? Gimmicks? Bad Houses and Fake Ads? Would You like to END all that? We know you would….what if we told you all of these things…..

0% to 3% Down Home Programs still exist! The USDA allows Zero Down Loans and FHA allows 3% Down Loans…..but qualifying for them is another story completely! 640 is now the score to shoot for…..so if you are under 640, you NEED The H.O.P.E. Program!

We at the H.O.P.E. Program have one goal: making it possible for anyone to get into the home they want! Just check out these testimonials!

Most of our clients had credit issues, income issues or SOMETHING that prevented them from getting their own home. Would you like to overcome that? Here’s How…EDUCATION! Have you ever heard the phrase “Knowledge is power?” Well in this case, it has never been more correct! We combine 3 things:

Adding Positive Credit-We help by adding new lines of credit, your past rent, your current rent and your utilities!

Lender Education-We are affiliated with the biggest banks and mortgage companies and we will make sure you are educated to know exactly what to do to get approved by them.

Our consultations are free and we can evaluate you in 5 minutes…..Call us at 800-209-8265 for a FREE consultation. Or you can fill out our form below and we will assist you once you fill out the form and hit submit!



Would you Buy a Home 0-3.5% Down or find a Rent to Own Home if you could? Or do you just need Credit help?

The H.O.P.E. Program will work hard, getting you as close as possible to getting that 0-3.5% down home loan no matter how bad your credit is from the start

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