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Additional Info

The H.O.P.E. Program combines credit repair, score enhancement and lender education. Now what does this really mean? Below is an in-depth look.

Credit Repair-The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1972 states a tremendous amount of things, like “The 7 Year Rule” and how that affects you, and much more. When it comes to getting negative items removed, there is a legal way to do it. If you contact the credit bureaus and ask them to investigate a negative item, they, by law, have 30 days in which to perform an investigation into the dispute(s), and come back with one of 4 responses:

-The account is yours and correct and remains
-The account is yours but the information is incorrect so it gets updated
-The account is not yours so it gets removed
-The creditor does not respond within the 30 days and it gets removed by default

We advertise for the Nations #1 Credit Repair Firm. Lexington Law.

Score Enhancement-This feature is the next step, but is actually more important than Credit Repair. When you actually learn what makes up a Credit Score, You will learn that activity within the last 6 months is the most critical in terms of affecting your score. We will help you add your past rent, current rent, utility bills and we will help you obtain 3 credit cards to significantly boost your score!

Lender Education-With all of the lender guidelines changing constantly…we will help prepare you months in advance for whichever lender you choose to do business with. And yes, there are still zero down and low down payment loans available.

Again, contact us at 888-920-4893 for a FREE consultation or simply go to Our Last Move and we will help you get started TODAY!