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3 More Issues on Tax Returns to Wonder About in 2015

8 Jan , 2015  

HA! And you thought those tax return issues you read about before were the end of the story. Wrong. Taxes in America are such a big deal (especially when dealing with tax returns resulting in rather sizable refunds, right?) that if I were to write about everything you need to keep up with every single year, I’d probably write an entire book. Twice a quarter. And each book would be in hardcover. Just sayin’.

Always Keep Watching Out for New Tax Law Developments

All joking aside, tax law requires a lot of analysis and observance, especially since the government tends to review and amend seemingly on a daily basis, drastically changing the playing field for tax returns! We exaggerate, of course, but it certainly feels like the U.S. Tax Court doesn’t like to stick with one particular procedure or processtax return agenda-1 for the IRS, hence why the Commissioner is currently in a tizzy tantrum over the upcoming delays and whatever else will come our way the moment we get going on our convenient 2-hour tax return service. So, again, I repeat: there’s more to watch out for:

  • Always Watch Out for Inflation — You’d be surprised just how a ‘few cents’ could make a major difference to the wealthier taxpayers. Read up on just how much of a difference it makes on your taxes.
  • How Same-Sex Marriages Affect Your Tax Return — Times change in our society, but who would’ve thought that could drastically affect how our tax returns are processed? Want to know more?
  • Don’t Forget About That FSA Rollover Benefit — “Flexible spending accounts” are like candy bars for kids without the cavities. That’s one benefit you shouldn’t forget, so read about what to expect on 2015 taxes here.

Yes, this is good — some of the stuff you’ll learn will be about some awesome positive changes coming your way, but here’s the catch: they’re easy to miss! Even the best CPAs could miss them. Here we are, though, giving you the in on the biggest changes when it comes to tax returns.

Would You Believe, Though, That There Actually May Be More to Come Regarding Tax Returns?

Before you even try planning and filing for your taxes in 2015, keep researching. Get a good tax attorney to help you out if at all possible. Because these facts are important for this new year. The clock’s ticking. The deadline’s closing in. And your refund’s only a breath away from showing up in your direct deposit.

Don’t miss it.

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