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3 Secrets to a Successful 2015 Tax Return

6 Jan , 2015  

Don’t you love it when the new year hits? It’s not just a fresh start for some — it may be a new beginning for others, particularly when you face a tax return and then a refund to make you smile ear to ear. It’s no secret that many look forward to tax time as a way of rewarding the past year’s toils and time taken to bring in the dough and pay the bills. We deserve something back, don’t we?

Yes, We Do!

This is why we have so many options as far as what we can do with our taxes, especially when it involves deadlines and upgrades to our quality of life (a new big-screen TV, funds for Spring vacation, etc. etc.). Aside from the fact that getting our taxes and documents can be a hassle, and we have to rely on a “tax guy” to square it all away, numerous services streamline the process regardless, such as a monumental 2-hour tax return to make it such a breeze that we don’t have to even think about it and just await the convenient direct deposit that’s now available.

Yes, e-filing certainly makes it easier. We don’t stop there, though. We’re in the business of helping those find ways to simplify and make these tax returns easier, and it’s an advantage with such a service, and the 2-hour tax return reviews don’t fib — but there’s even more you and I can do to prepare and let 2015 be a year of celebration for a lot of hard workers out there.

We’ve got three key points to make this new year about what you should do about your tax return. Whether it’s a 2-hour tax return or not (we prefer you take advantage of the former), take notes. These secrets will help you:

They should honestly give out a degree for tax preparation services aside from those certified as accountants, in my opinion. That’s just me. Tax time is crucial. And there have been tons of horror stories about audits, inaccuracies, and unfortunate garnishments souring the new year in the worst way, so ultimately what sums up these secrets in the best way is this: be prepared.

A Tax Return Requires It

Like I said: take notes. You’ve got some reading to do. And studying. But it’s all worth it. When you get that direct deposit in for you hopefully simply and 2-hour tax return showing up in your account all of a sudden, trust me: it’s worth it.

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