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3 Tax Deductions You Never Thought Were Possible in 2015

12 Jan , 2015  

We’re reaching tax time pretty quick here, aren’t we? That’s why I’m still on the ball with filling you in on some stuff you never knew, stuff that might surprise you (but most certainly would benefit you in terms of your tax refund) and stuff you definitely have to be concerned about. However, here we have a case where you don’t have to necessarily panic, people. Take a breather. Yes, your tax return can be a hassle — especially when doing it on your own — and you want to pull your hair out or at least scream “ROYALS!” like Lorde, peeved at the world and the injustice of something that simple (right? It’s simple!), but we’re here to calm you down and bring you the tranquility only zen monks can manage.

Find your center. Your tax deductions. That’s where the positivism will flow, and crunching your numbers won’t seem like such a big deal, because there’s nothing more fun than getting to count some tax deductions to lower your taxable income and potentially increase your tax deduction Lorderefund. You can make it even easier with a 2-hour tax return, by the way — just a little help to ease your pain….

The Slight Problem You Might Have With Your Tax Deductions

Here’s the issue you might have, though, the question you might ask: just what kind of tax deductions should you watch out for? What if — you have no tax deductions at all? You haven’t donated anything. What is the deal? So is there no luck for you in this case? The world’s not fair!

Far be it from that, folks! Believe it or not, you’ve got potentially a wealth of possibilities for tax deductions you never thought ever existed. Until now. Therefore, be positive. Take a look at these:

  • The Sales Tax — Who knew this could be written off as a tax deduction? Read more about this here.
  • Health Insurance Premiums — Surprised? This tax deduction might apply to you. Just read here to see.
  • Education Expenses for Teachers — After looking at just how much material your teacher has to provide, this should make sense; but just in case it doesn’t, read about this tax deduction now.

Best part is this: in the long run, this just contributes to your ability to stay on top of accuracy with your tax preparation, your return filed not only expediently, but correctly. Get your tax returns done as soon as possible with convenience right here. That way, it’s not going to be much of a headache.

The Benefit of the Best Tax Return

Of course, tax deductions are only a small part of the equation. With everything tax laws are saying regarding your return, you not only have to keep an eye on those deductions, but everything else. You won’t be alone in your endeavor, though. We guarantee that.

This will put your best foot forward — and for sure, it’s the most fun foot to put forward, especially when you’re potentially guaranteed a much higher refund. Even Lorde in all her “emo-ness” on the tennis court and anti-pop mentality can show a bit of joy over this!

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