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3 More Tax Deductions for 2016 You Can’t Miss

13 Jan , 2015  

Attention, class! Your tax teacher is not finished, and the bell has not rung, so you’re all still mine to drill in your heads the importance of your tax deductions on your return. Pay close attention. You were awake earlier when I spoke of a few tax deductions you never knew about, but now we’re heading closer to lunchtime, and your eyes are getting glazed over. Get some wake-up juice, Monsters and Red Bulls in your system, because there’s still plenty you need to learn about your tax returntax deductions teacher.

Tax Deductions Are Fun

Of course, I wouldn’t blame you if you’re rolling your eyes and popping your bubblegum bubbles at me as if I was the most boring professor in college (and I am), but I can surprise you. I can be fun! Taxes, tax returns, tax time, tax preparation — it can be fun, when you know that the hard work, attention to detail, and a nifty 2-hour tax return can result in a sizable refund, getting you and your family out to the Florida Keys for Spring break. Or perhaps a new flat-screen. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, pay attention, class. There will be a pop quiz for this next addition set of tax deductions you can’t miss:

  • Charitable Gifts You Never Thought Of — What else is there? When you donate, you donate! There’s still some types of ‘gifts’ you just might be missing, but you’ll learn about them right here.
  • Babysitter Fees — What a cool idea! You get the benefit of going out for the night with your spouse while some teenager has to watch your Hades-filled hellion at home and you get a tax deduction. Find out how right here.
  • College Education — You’d have to be an idiot to miss this one, and you certainly weren’t listening in my class, but better late than never as you read about it here!

Studious, you are, up on the current methodology and best practices of what it takes to file your tax return. The best part about it, obviously, is figuring out just what you can deduct from your taxes, because this benefits you in the long run, so I shouldn’t have to scare the bejeezus out of you to get you to pay attention in class, thankfully. Once you’re done with this semester, though, your job’s not done. You must get your taxes prepared and file immediately right here. Don’t hesitate.

Consider It Being Late for the Midterm or Final

As a student, all it takes is one second late, and you’re screwed. Deadlines are crucial. The same goes for your taxes, so you should make sure you know what’s going on with your tax return before, during and after you file. Remember that.

Any questions? Okay…. Recess!

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