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3 Tax Return Issues to Keep in Mind for 2015

7 Jan , 2015  

These days we shouldn’t be too surprised at the new year having both a silver lining and just an ominous gray area of the unknown, a rain cloud of mystery as to what happens next in our country when it comes to tax time and tax returns. Why? First off, when the IRS commissioner even states that there’s some concern for this year of 2015, we have reason to be maybe a little worried. However, as I’ve mentioned before: there is a silver lining. There’s always a silver lining for tax season, right? After all, if you haven’t read the latest news, check out this press release on tax returns and feel the joy.tax return issues-1

Preparing for Tax Return Issues You May Face Due to Changes in the Law

Here’s one thing you have to understand about this particular rain cloud. It’s just a bit of H2O. At least it’s not acid! We’d all have some major apocalyptic trouble if that was the case. More often than not, tax return issues cropping up largely occur due to changes in the law that could drastically affect processes and procedures, so it’s no wonder that the IRS tax commissioner sees a dark horizon in our midst. Given, though, the fact that we have a few umbrellas and some boots to wear, we might come out of all of this relatively dry and safe as long as we prepare for our taxes. Repeat after me: prepaaaaaaaaaaaare. Take notes, please. You prepare by keeping in mind these important issues with your tax return you might end up seeing:

In an effort to always remain positive, you’ll notice that you really can’t see for certain by what you’ve just read that this could negatively affect your tax return situation. It might. It might not. Heck, in fact, if it does have the potential of affecting your tax return situation in a negative way, know that your preparation of that in an effort to complete a convenient 2-hour tax return might turn the negative into a positive.

Just remember: this is par for the course. As long as you know what’s ahead, you’ll weather the storm. Don’t forget to wear the slicker.

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