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Adding Credit to your Credit Report

Beyond removing negative items from your Credit Score, an important part of raising your Credit Score is adding Credit to your Credit Report. There are two easy ways to add Credit without adding undue debt.

  1. Rent Reporting – Anyone who is currently renting can have their monthly rent payments show up as positive credit on your Credit ReportRent Reporting - Credit Repair
    • To sign up to have your Rent Reported to the Credit Bureaus, click here.


    • Be sure to pay your rent on time, as late payments will also be reported to the Credit Bureaus.Credit Repair Credit Cards


  2. Secured Credit Cards – Unlike prepaid cards, secured credit cards give you a credit line, and the payment activity is reported to the major consumer reporting agencies. Funds you deposit at the bank are used as collateral for the credit card. Use the card like any credit card, and you can rebuild your credit history by making on time monthly payments to all of your creditors Also, be sure to keep your balances low relative to the credit limit on the card.