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Why Beach Real Estate Can Benefit Your Health

20 Jan , 2015  

Aside from the fact that there are practical positive points to owning a renting beach real estate, believe it or not but living by the beach can actually do your body some good! And not just in the emotional stress-free way. Actual science backs this up, so before you set aside the prospect of beach real etate, check this out. This may enlighten you:

Take One Look at the Sun and Sand, and Right Away You’ll Know That Some Beach Real Estate’s Like an Antidote to Disease

Don’t call me crazy, and just hear me out. Ever heard of Vitamin D? Magnesium? These are two of many essential vitamins and minerals, and would you believe it — these two in particular actually exist in what we commonly associate with beach real estate:beach real estate sand surf

The sun, sand and ocean. That’s no joke.

Vitamin D actually exists in the very rays of the sun, through trans-dermal contact. It’s a small dosage, but definitely a consistent one, as long as you keep stocked up on the sunblock. Even more so, one walk on the sand and a dip in the sea water (or lake water, for that matter) could easily give you healthy doses of Magnesium, an essential mineral responsible for over 300 reactions in your body.

Is It Any Wonder That People at the Beach Look so Healthy?

Seriously, just look at the hair, the skin, the smiles. It’s infectious. It’s no secret that a beach and perhaps a sunset could do such wonders. Given the fact that locales seem to quarantine away from the electromagnetism, Wi-Fi and other types of seemingly benign radiation, you can consider your beachfront home away from home a sort of digital detox (although I don’t deny many still bring their smartphones and Facebooks with them).

It’s quite the reward after finding that zero-down home (by the beach) with bad credit, feeling the joy and grabbing the keys as you head out to the Florida Keys, Virgin Islands, or right in your own backyard at Holland State Park in Michigan, if you like! The energy you put into your profession earns you the right to pamper yourself, your health, your well-being, returning you to good form regularly.

Don’t deny yourself that. Yes, that beach real estate you’ve purchased will do you some real good!

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