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Buy a home with bad credit

Buying a Home with Bad Credit

15 Jun , 2014  

Do You just want a home of your own that you can call your own? Are you tired of dead ends? Games? Gimmicks? Bad Houses and Fake Ads? Would You like to END all that? We know you would….what if we told you all of these things…..

We have helped over 12,000 people get homes who NEVER thought they could!

Most of our clients had credit issues, income issues or SOMETHING that prevented them from getting their own home. Would you like to overcome that? Here’s How…EDUCATION! Have you ever heard the phrase “Knowledge is power?” Well in this case, it has never been more correct! We combine 3 things:

Credit Repair-Legally removing negative items such as late payments, judgements, charge-offs, etc. through the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1972. We do this through our partnership with the nations top agencies that will be working for YOU!

Adding Positive Credit-We help by adding new lines of credit, your past rent, your current rent and your utilities!

Lender Education-We are affiliated with the biggest banks and mortgage companies and we will make sure you are educated to know exactly what to do to get approved by them.

Our consultations are free and we can evaluate you in 5 minutes…..Call us at 888-920-4893 for a FREE consultation. Or you can click on our link below and we will assist you once you fill out the form and hit submit!




If you are anything like most of our clients…You just want help! You will do what you are told, you just don’t know what to do or where to go. THAT’S WHERE WE COME IN. You see, we have H.O.P.E. (Home Ownership is Possible with Education!)

H.O.P.E. to Own is a site created by The H.O.P.E. Program to assist you in your efforts of obtaining a home of YOUR own! We have helped thousands before and we will help YOU! Whether you want to buy a home with bad credit, buy a home zero down, rent to own a home of your own or get into a home with bad credit…we can help!

No matter what your background, no matter what your past, no matter how bad your credit or job history is…we can HELP! We are experts within the fields of Credit, Credit Repair, Score Enhancement and Lender Education.

Our Last Move – A site designed to help you further by finding you a home while we help get you ready to buy.

Why own a Home of your own? Well, if you haven’t already figured this out, let us help you!

-Lower move in costs than rent
-Lower monthly payments than rent
-When you fix up the house, it’s YOUR house you are fixing
-No worries about pet limitations
-No worries about landlords
-No worries about moving the kids in the middle of the school year
-Never have to move again unless you choose to

Honestly, didn’t you already know these things? Call us TODAY at 888-920-4893 or fill out the information below.

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