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Why This “Pied Piper” of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Says It Right

21 Jan , 2016  

The idea of “safe spaces” really has gone too far. Take one look at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, and you just might agree with us. In all fairness, we would venture to say that students want to be ‘comfortable’ with what they’re learning; and that would, of course, be ideal. But this truly isn’t an ideal world.

This Is the Real World. And Oklahoma Wesleyan University Is Definitely in It.Oklahoma Wesleyan University President Piper

We have diversity. We have variety. There’s so much to learn in the world. So much to choose. Or not choose.

And in the case of Wesleyan University, let’s be fair here: the President (or the “Pied Piper” as we refer) did pretty much right to speak out and say that complaining students saying they don’t feel like they’re in a “safe space” all because of sermons and potentially ‘offending’ words, or even a curriculum they don’t necessarily agree with, don’t constitute a reason to fight for your so-called natural rights.

Students are in college to learn. Not to be catered to. Expanding your horizons honestly can be all about discomfort. You’re leaving your ‘box’. You’re entering a new world. You’re challenging yourself. You’re advancing who you are.

That’s Not to Say the “Safe Space” Doesn’t Matter

In all fairness, an ability to voice your opinion is key as with the University of Missouri. But remember this: you have that right not simply for your own personal reasons, but for the betterment of an entire alumni, and the future. Wesleyan University — and other colleges — are all about the future. If protesting for certain rights, ensure that it benefits all students.

We’d assert that this is true with everything we do in life, too: settling landlord disputes as a home renter, finding a job, keeping a job, managing finances, collaborating with co-workers, business. You have to be willing to be challenged in life. Not coddled. Not catered to. Or else we never will progress into our new era of understanding and excellence. Want to progress your excellence in education? Sign up right here.

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How Does Real Estate Agent Education Apply to Your Taxes?

21 Jan , 2016  

It’s important when you invest so much time, money, blood, sweat and tears learning the trick of the trade in real estate investing, home selling, and negotiations seemingly on a daily basis as the market continues to unfold, grow, dip, dive, climb and skyrocket into oblivion leaving you behind in a trail of dust. Why not get some of that investment back for your hard-earned learning in real estate agent education? Makes sense, right?

Believe It or Not, But Real Estate Agent Education Costs Can Be Written Offreal estate education-1

You just need that detailed list to discuss with your expert at ITPN right now, making sure your 2-hour tax return not only gets filed quickly, but accurately and with the best refund possible. Take stock of the investments of your real estate education right now with this list and reap the benefits:

  • Try All Sorts of Sales Books, Textbooks, Etc. Etc.
  • Continuing Real Estate Agent Education Courses
  • What About Magazine and Newsletter Subscriptions?
  • Sales Training & Coaching Falls Under Your Taxes as Well
  • Seminar Registrations? You Got It.
  • And Trade Publications, Too

Because in this real estate industry, you’re in charge of a lot to keep up with the pack (or stand above the crowd or in front as the leader). It’s a competitive game. Make your education not only work for you, but for you financially.

But You Can’t Do That Unless You Use This List!

Look at your receipts (provided you’ve saved them), itemize all of them, and then register with the Income Tax Planning Network to have your 2-hour tax return done right now. And if you’re interested in learning more about tax write-offs for real estate agents, click here! You’ll be blown away with how much you can save on your investments, blowing up your refund and getting the boost you need in your real estate business.

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3 Choices to Make in the Wake of the Los Angeles School Shutdown

21 Jan , 2016  

Terrorism. The insane topic of the millennium these days, what with ISIS making so many headlines (as the activist group should). But as we view the stunning event happening regarding the Los Angeles school shutdown due to a supposed threat of some kind, we begin to wonder: are we safe in our schools? Is it safe for Americans to even go to school and learn how to make a living in today’s job market? Does terrorism really have that much of a stronghold that we can be completely shut down — apparently for nothing (after all, it was a ‘false alarm’).

We’ll Give the Authorities the Credit: National Security’s Paramount to the Success and Safety of Our Students

Make no mistake about it. We can talk about the University of Missouri, or Oklahoma Wesleyan University all we want. Obviously no one can be safe even around Planned Parenthood these days, what with crazies carrying guns (imagine what that would be like in a college. Kids are indeed not safe.). TheLos Angeles school shutdown-1 fact is national security matters especially in our schools. So the right decision was definitely made. However….

There are three other things we all should do to ensure we keep moving forward in our country:

  • Get Legal Services Involved — This is schooling we’re talking about. When that many schools get shutdown due to an emergency, proper legal actions must be taken. We need an appropriate legal plan in place, and this is where you can get it. Right here. Click the link.
  • Protect Our Identities — Just in case you didn’t catch the major heart of the matter involving the Los Angeles school shutdown, it was all about cyber-security, something terrorism these days does quite well, especially involving social media. So what should you do? Protect yourself right here. Don’t hesitate.
  • Talk to Your Professors as MUCH AS POSSIBLE — Lastly, this is important. We continue to strive. You have to see the point behind terrorism. Its goal is to derail us from what we do to gain our prosperity, to advance ourselves as a nation. ISIS wants us to stay away from schools. ISIS wants us to hide. So what should we do? Advance our careers. Seek out scholarships and grants. Go back to college. Make something happen with our education. Talk to your authorities and be in the know with your college or school. It’s the right thing to do.

Higher Learning MUST Be Protected in Our Country Following the Event of the Los Angeles School Shutdown

It starts with services. Services we all need. We need to be motivated to learn. Motivated to seek out the best student loans, the best colleges, the most beneficial degrees. From the ground up, if terrorism succeeds, regardless of whether we vote for a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it’s that terrorism that’ll break us from the bottom up by killing our education.

Let’s fight with our ultimate weapon: knowledge.

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How to Go by (Not Buy) the “Books” for College Classes

12 Nov , 2015  

I know your students enrolling for college classes are rolling your eyes in despair over the fact that you still learn new things even outside of homework and exams! Yes, it’s true: there’s best practices even when it comes to college. When you apply for college, when you talk to an academic adviser, when you get to know your professors. Everything. Even textbooks!

And That’s What This Is All About: Textbooks Mean a Lot to College Classes

Not in the way you think, though. Times have classes grandpa

There was a time when you go to your college classes carrying a wealth of textbooks in hardcover with you (which can explain why your grandfather’s so ripped in the physique). Today’s atmosphere is very much different. College textbooks have gone the way of the dinosaur, and here’s why:

  • You Might Actually Do Just Fine Without Some of Those Books! — The thing about college classes is that they’re so immersed in technology as stated here. Think about it. We’ve got tablets and netbooks, e-readers, Kindles and Nooks at our disposal. Isn’t it any wonder that we don’t need those textbooks anymore?
  • That Current Textbook Edition Might Also Not Mean Much to You — A skeptic, are you? Read this and find out why you don’t need that 2015 volume of “The History of America.”
  • And, Finally, the Campus Bookstore Isn’t the Only Place to Buy Your Books Back — What or who else could buy your books? Other students? Maybe. But how about cyberspace….

And That’s Just the Beginning….

At the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program, we’re all about education. So we know what the trends are when it comes to that very thing we hold dear: a college education. Whether it’s grants or financial aid, it doesn’t matter. You save money, you win. We can help, so take these tips seriously. They just might save enough money for you to not only get that lava lamp, but make a payment on your first rent-to-own home!

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Pell Grant Resource

4 Jun , 2014  

pell grant resourcesWe find that most people in our program rent for 1 of 2 reasons. Their credit is unhealthy, or they need more income to qualify for a home loan. If you would like to rent or buy a home, and these reasons apply to you, The H.O.P.E. Program can help. We have credit repair resources, which are combined with credit training. We also offer assistance in applying for the continued education grant, which could supply you with up to $5645 towards schooling. Going back to school can get you the advanced training you need for a better job. Follow the link below and fill out the free form to get started:

Buying a house isn’t easy. But it can be worth it. If you could use some help with the process, call our program. 800-206-3536

Will you use today to get what you want? If what you want is a home, we can help. Call The H.O.P.E. Program at 800-206-3536.

Leave your doubts and fears about owning a home behind. Call The H.O.P.E. Program today to find out how we can help you get into a home, even if you don’t think it’s possible. 800-206-3536


Get the $5,645 in Grants and up to $12,145 in total Financial Aid for Job Training! The H.O.P.E. Program helps numerous people every month get the Job & Career Training they need! Did you know that certificate and degree programs will give you an average raise from $19,000 to $44,000 per year! You can get training as a Teacher, Massage Therapist, Criminal Justice, Business, Health/Medical Professionals and over 250 Programs! Best of all, its FREE to apply! Just click the picture and fill out our forms and you will be contact with all the options!