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Recent News With the Hope Program: a Brand-New Credit Repair Service

12 Nov , 2015  

Guess what, friends…. There’s a new credit service out there according to this most recent press release. That’s right. We’re surprised already given our already growing extensive list of services we provide to anyone — whether you’re a home renter, or someone looking for a mortgage with a 640 credit score, or even a business owner seeking bookkeeping services. We’re touching the lives of so many people, having our A rating with the BBB. But we have a new player in this game for credit repair service:

credit repair services-1

Enter: Independent Credit Solutions, a New Credit Repair Service Launched Just Recently

Having already seen the launch of a rent-to-own consultant service as well as numerous other rent-to-own options, plus our own identity theft protection option and an internet legal plan, we’re noticing this new innovation in credit repair service: Independent Credit Solutions! And that’s a good thing for you, the customer.

The Time Is Now to Have HOPE

Check it out right here. You can fill out your information directly on this link as well, and if you’re specifically interested in hearing about how H.O.P.E. can help you, Lexington Law is the leader in the industry.

Get started now and benefit from any of these credit repair services — Independent Credit Solutions for DIY credit repair, or Lexington Law — as it’s one of the most essential steps toward successful home ownership. Once that credit score’s up, you’re well on your way. So don’t hesitate!

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