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Credit Repair With Lexington Law

For those with poor credit, trying to find the right Credit Repair Firm can be a headache. With so many sketchy firms advertising “No Credit, No Problem,” “Create a new Credit Identity, Legally!” “We 100% guarantee to remove you negative credit items,” it can be hard to know which firm to go with. The important thing for you to understand,  Credit Repair is not Magic.

The credit system may seem like a private conversation between your creditors and the credit bureaus, but this conversation is not complete until you have joined it.You have the right to question any information on your credit reports that you feel may be inaccurate, untimely, misleading, incomplete, ambiguous, unverifiable, biased or unclear (“questionable.”) If an item cannot be verified, then it must be removed.

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Credit Repair ConversationHow Credit Repair Works:

    • According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, anyone has the right to dispute items on their credit report
    • Credit Repair Firms initiate the conversation and provide the legal tools you need to dispute any items on your Credit Report
    • Credit Repair Firms also help anyone establish new, secured lines of Credit
    • Reporting your monthly Rent payments on your Credit Report is another great way to increase your Credit Score