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Fixing the Bad Credit Card Target for Your Student: Son, Let’s Sit Down

28 Jan , 2015  

“When I was your age…. We didn’t have Facebooks, MySpaces and Tweeters. All we had were notebooks and calculators, and we were forced to look people in the face and say HI. Those were tough times. But it definitely prepared us for the greatest temptation of them all: the credit card. Let me tell you somethin’, son….”

(Prepare for the lecture. It’s coming. It’s going to hit you on the head, and you’ll get a bump the size of a unicorn horn on your skull.) “But Dad….”

“Wait, wait, wait — did you just call me “butt dad”? That’s not nice….”


You’re thinking you’re smart, aren’t you? You’re like Conan the Destroyer venturing out into the wasteland of opportunity withcredit card transformer broadsword in hand and big muscles. Cue in the Michael Bay music and lets see some mighty Transformers in the mix, because this is epic: yes, you’re going to college. And no one’s going to stop you. Let’s roll out….

Let the H.O.P.E. Program educate you right now, though, as you sign up for services, because you’re obviously not going to fully listen to your “butt dad” about what it means to have a credit card in hand. That dangerous piece of plastic. It’s a harsh world out there, particularly when you get into college —

Credit Card Education Before You Get Into College Is Crucial

I know it’s hard; but listen to your “butt dad.” Seriously. He’s got a lot of good stuff to say to you. For one thing, while he may sound like he’s lecturing you about credit cards, he’s actually giving you some trade secrets on how to manage your credit effectively without having it get out of hand.

You can get your credit repaired quite easily through Lexington Law, but you also don’t want to face the situation where you have no idea what’s going on while ‘someone else helps you.’ Be in the know. Your parents will educate you on things like….

  • The ‘Finance Charge’
  • The ‘Grace Period’
  • The ‘Minimum Payment Trap’

credit card treadmillThat finance charge and grace period may already sound familiar, but the “minimum payment trap”? Ever run on a treadmill and not go anywhere? That’s what that tempting minimum payment on a credit card is like. Sure, you’re making your payments, but due to interest piling up, you’re not getting as far as you’d like to paying off your entire balance. In essence, you’re paying more money than what you actually had bought in the first place. That doesn’t sound fair, does it?

It Doesn’t. But That’s Life, Son.

The truth is education isn’t education without real application and experience with credit cards as detailed here. You definitely can’t get it any better than with parents, parents who had used credit cards before as well, and they know exactly what not to do and what you should do.

So listen. Listen up good. There will be a test later, Optimus.

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