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Buy a home with bad credit

Get a Grant to Buy A Home

29 Aug , 2014  

pell grant resourcesDo you want to buy a home but you don’t have the money for the down payment? You are not alone as many people find themselves in a position of finally being able to qualify for a home loan but not having enough for a down payment. If you take all of your savings for the down payment, you’d wipe yourself of a 3-6 month savings plan, putting you at financial risk should you incur any emergencies.

Zero Down loans still exist but they are in the form of a U.S.D.A. insured Zero Down Loan.

You need all of these things below to get a loan since the 2008 “fog a mirror” loans that existed from 1995-2008.  You now need;

-a 640+ Credit Score (some lenders go down to 640….but most are 640)
-A 2 year continuous Employment History
-A 3.5% Down Payment*

One option that you might not know exists is government grants to help you buy a home. These grants are designed to help you with your down payment so that you can get into the house you have always dreamed of. Many people think the process to qualify for a grant is too complicated or that they would never qualify anyway so they never even try. They put the idea out of their minds as an option and they could be missing out on a great opportunity.

Grants for a Down Payment on a home is the best way to buy if you cannot come up with it!  Understand this VERY IMPORTANT bit of information below:


You still need the 640 Score with 3 credit accounts that have been paid on for 12 months.  So if you do not have this, then Enroll in The H.O.P.E. Program below and we will do all of the following;

-Remove the bad stuff of your credit report
-Add 3 new Credit Accounts (your Rent History and 2 new forms of Credit like a Secured Credit Card)
-WE WILL ALSO HELP YOU GET THE (up to) $7500 IN DOWN PAYMENT GRANTS (depending on the city/county/state you live in)

Fill out the form below and we will contact you!

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