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Grants for Down Payments

Zero Down loans still exist….but they are in the form of a U.S.D.A. insured Zero Down Loan.  This loan is a great option, but the main (and truly only) drawback is that you have to buy a Property in a “Rural” area.  Now, 90% of the Country is considered “Rural” by the U.S.D.A., so contact a Bank or lender and ask them to provide you a list of Zip Codes where U.S.D.A. loans are allowed.

To get a U.S.D.A. loan, you still need a 640 Credit Score.  So if you do not, Enroll in H.O.P.E. below!

But let’s say you want to live somewhere else…..somewhere in a city that does not allow a U.S.D.A. Loan.  Even though 90% of the Country allows U.S.D.A. Loans…..only 38% of the population lives within these zones.  So, 62% of you want to buy but may not have the Down Payment!  Let’s see how to overcome this!

You need all of these things below to get a loan since the 2008 “fog a mirror” loans that existed from 1995-2008.  You now need;

-a 640+ Credit Score (some lenders go down to 640….but most are 640)
-A 2 year continuous Employment History
-A 3.5% Down Payment*

Now that Down Payment can come from your Savings, a Gift from “someone related” (could be a parent, a sibling or relative….possibly an employer as well).  The most undiscovered way to get a Down Payment to buy a Home is the city you are going to live in, the county or even the State.  Take a look at Michigan…..MSHDA will give up to $7500 in the form of a Grant that can be used for the Down Payment, closing costs and prepaids.  These Grants may have a clause in them like “You have to pay a percentage of them back if you move within 1, 2 or 5 years”…..but as long as you plan on living in the Home for at least 5 years, then there is no payback!  Grants for a Down Payment on a home is the best way to buy if you cannot come up with it!  Understand this VERY IMPORTANT bit of information below…….


You still need the 640 Score with 3 credit accounts that have been paid on for 12 months.  So if you do not have this, then Enroll in The H.O.P.E. Program below and we will do all of the following;

-Remove the bad stuff off your credit report
-Add 3 new Credit Accounts (your Rent History and 2 new forms of Credit like a Secured Credit Card)
-WE WILL ALSO HELP YOU GET THE (up to) $7500 IN DOWN PAYMENT GRANTS (depending on the city/county/state you live in)

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