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Haunted Real Estate: Just Check the Plumbing

29 Jan , 2015  

Sure, it’s exciting to know that you might be walking into an open house thinking that this home was the site of the famous killing of Madame [insert French name], and that there are chills, bumps and moans in the night on a regular basis. Haunted real estate: it’s fun stuff, but perhaps you might be dealing with something worse than ghosts in this case. Try the plumbing as one of many scary problems with your real estate.

The Fact Is You Might Have Some Updating to Do on Such Real Estate

This is honestly why many sellers think they can pitch this sort of adventure to a buyer — there’s history behind the house,real estate Ghostbusters perhaps a ghost meandering through the walls, and it definitely provides a conversation piece for friends and family. What the seller might not be telling you is that ultimately there’s no ghost in that real estate. Merely just some bad plumbing. Don’t fall for it.

Additionally, you might have rodents. Granted, they can just be as frightening as apparitions, and in many cases, can provide things like disease to warm your heart in your abode, but you wouldn’t be calling the Ghostbusters for that, but rather just your plain ol’ exterminator to take care of the problem.

In all honesty, the bones of a house can rattle some with settling into the foundation, so don’t be surprised if you hear some of those ‘moans’ and ‘hisses’ inside the walls. Chances are you’re not dealing with spirits — you’re dealing with updates.

And updates cost money. Of course, you could balance all of that out by signing up with the H.O.P.E. Program for your zero-down home all with bad credit. That might make things better….

“Haunted Houses” Are Fun, Yes, But Not on Your Wallet

You, therefore, need to be mindful of those stories you hear from neighborhood to neighborhood. Old, nostalgic houses are fun to look at, but if you want a decent place to live, live optimized, live with updates, upgrades and new roofing. Let’s just say we wouldn’t want you to become a ghost when the roof comes crashing down on you.

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