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How Does the BBB A-Rated HOPE Program Work?

12 Nov , 2015  

Naturally, no one’s ever concerned with the ‘how’ of success as long as it works, continues to work, and even works as Armageddon hits in the form of a meteor the size of Texas. As long as it continues to work, we’re fine. We don’t care about the mechanics. Here’s the problem with that:

Credibility Gets Thrown Out the Window!

Can we back up our words? Can we not only show the proof but explain it? Is the BBB A-rated HOPE HOPE Program screenshotprogram really not a fluke or just some random spontaneity on a whim or a notion that “homeownership is possible with education”? Let’s get that credibility right now and prove to you that H.O.P.E. to Own truly owns the playing field of real estate in numerous ways. Steps, if you will. Documented steps anyone can follow to ultimately get them into a home with zero down regardless of the situation:

  1. Credit Repair
  2. Identity Theft Protection
  3. Consultancy, Leads & Resources
  4. Additional Benefits (Employment, Education, Automotive, and Even Finance!)

In today’s real estate world, make no mistake—it’s not simply about getting that mortgage loan and moving in as we’ve seen in the last decade’s housing crash. We have to be educated. We have to know how to hold onto that mortgage loan, keep our finances in order, explore as many options as we possibly have, maintain our good credit, be in good standing, have legal preparation and resources available just in case life does get unexpected. And that’s largely how H.O.P.E. works. A collaborative effort, leading to the ultimate goal for you, for anyone: home ownership.

But we’re sure you want the breakdown of how that works, am I right? Here’s how it works—

HOPE Program Day 1: the First Step

HOPE Program credit cards credit repairOur tried, true and proven method of education is actually quite simple. There are 3 “steps.” We actually call them days. When you fill out your information to enroll in the HOPE Program, our free initiative to get your prepared for getting into that home, you’re automatically sent to a Day 1 representative to start factoring in that first step—credit repair. You can actually enroll in credit repair right now through the HOPE Program and obtain your credit reports.

But why is credit repair so important? Think about it: what do mortgage lenders, or even auto lenders look for, when considering you for a loan? Your credit score. That’s crucial in determining plenty with regard to the success of you making your payments. You’re basically “trustworthy” (or not); even better, you’re credit worthy. Or credit ready is what we typically call it. That little number from one of those bureaus can be the make or break on whether or not a lender can safely say that you’re a green light for a loan. Crazy, right?

Now true credit repair, mind you, isn’t a quick fix, nor is there some magical formula, which is one of the first true unique benefits you get from the HOPE Program—we’re guiding you through the steps you need to take to repair your credit with the very best resources available. At a lower cost.

Understand this: it’s free to enroll in the HOPE Program, but to get your credit repaired will take an investment on your part no matter how you slice it. We just lead you in the direction you need to go to also get that credit repair at a conveniently lower cost. Think of it as us getting you the FastPass to the front of the line, so you don’t have to wait for the benefits to start showing up.

And the resources are plentiful. We at the HOPE Program have access to all sorts of credit resources, each with their own advantages that might suit your situation:

And believe us: there’s so much more you can benefit from through the HOPE Program, and that’s just the first day….

HOPE Program Day 2: Your Case Manager for ID TheftHOPE Program Credit Repair Credit Cards

Repairing your credit’s one thing; maintaining your credit is a whole other beast with fangs the size of steak knives. Because here’s the thing: the one aspect of your credit no one ever thinks about is your identity. It’s the very imprint of who you are online that can shape your credit in ways you never thought possible. There’s power in your identity. And that’s precisely why we’re often very terrified of someone with a tremendous credit score of 720 (But why would we be so terrified? We should be ecstatic!).

Identity theft. One of the fastest rising crimes in the United States to date, and many times this can happen right under your nose, affecting your credit in worse ways than even the worst of financial negligence and recklessness.

Your Day 2 representative, your case manager, will set you up with a service that in today’s world is absolutely mandatory. Cyber-terrorism, hacking, credit card fraud, computer fraud, mortgage fraud: these all are the demon spawn of identity theft, so we make it a point to stress the importance of making sure your credit and your identity is safeguarded with the very best of services, such as….

  • LifeLock – Arguably the leader in the industry, protecting literally thousands from identity theft, stresses that even the standard protection isn’t a 100% lockdown, but it’s this service giving you the tools necessary to take action and restore your credit and identity back to optimal standing. Why is this important? Because the main weapon of ID theft is that you won’t know when it’s happening. With LifeLock, you’ll know. And knowing is your greatest counter. Sign up for LifeLock right now.
  • Identity Guard – A major competitor, yes. But just as reputable with services, operating under the same standards of success. This alone should tell you something, actually: identity theft protection is truly a major industry given the level of competition, and this is just the beginning. You might find what Identity Guard offers to be a better fit for you: if that’s the case, sign up right now.
  • Cloud Based Credit Protection – Sometimes you may see the need for basic protection of your credit, and not necessarily your identity, for good reason. If that’s the case, this offer may be the best fit for you.
  • Ultimate Identity Protection – Talk about bundling multiple benefits and resources into one, hence the name Ultimate Identity Protection, a fast-growing service in today’s industry that could provide the biggest challenge against heavy hitters like LifeLock and Identity Guard. Want to know exactly what UIP brings to the table for you? You’ll have to check out their site for yourself and see if the $1 fee might fit your fancy.

And you might be skeptical even regarding the HOPE Program. You might think this—“there’s no way anyone would steal my identity, so why should I invest some of my hard-earned money to pay for any of these services?” And, sadly, that’s precisely why so many suffer from identity theft—many without even realizing it. Because they don’t think it’ll happen to them.

We can guarantee that once you get your credit reports, you might actually find a few items on there that you won’t remember signing up for or enrolling. Who knows—you might even find a mortgage in your name in a state you’ve never actually lived in!

Those are all signs of identity theft. So it can happen to you. A major reason why the HOPE Program takes this seriously. You should as well.

HOPE Program mortgageHOPE Program Day 3: Getting That Zero-Down Mortgage

This is where we get to the nitty gritty, close to the finish line and achieving your ultimate goal. Your credit score looks good, and you’re sufficiently protected. So Day 3 is all about receiving any resources you may need to get access to the lenders who will approve you for a mortgage.

But the bonus of the HOPE Program here is that you have options.

Right here, we have the ultimate comprehensive benefit contributing not only to getting that zero-down mortgage, but not ever stressing about your payments for the rest of your life—the HOPE Program has access to all of these resources for you. And it’s our job to lead you not only to the lenders looking for the 640 credit score, but to make sure that even when you sign on that dotted line for the house keys and your walk past the threshold of the front door to your new house, that the HOPE Program has given you true hope for the rest of your life, inside and out, front to back, and for your future.HOPE Program keys

Sounds Exhausting? Perhaps. But When It Comes to You—Your Life—It’s Worth It

Don’t take this lightly. Not many know specifically how the HOPE Program really works. But this is a glimpse into the process we uphold for every member of our program, and we follow it to the letter.

There’s a reason why we’ve helped thousands upon thousands of prospective homeowners achieve their quintessential dreams, all simply by educating them on what they need to do. Ultimately, you—the homeowner with a dream—has the power to make change, to make things happen.

It just so happens that the HOPE Program can help you make that dream come true.

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