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How Do I Find a Rent-to-Own Home?

21 Jan , 2016  

The obvious first question to ask; it’s a question asked by many, because RTO largely escapes the realty crowd due to the fact that this generally involves only the homeowner and a prospective tenant. Rent-to-own is home renting with the lease option to buy. That means any homeowner can offer a home for rent without a real estate agent or lawyer, but also offer that option for the tenant to buy down the road.

This Means Realtors Really Won’t Be Too Interested in a Rent-to-Own Home

At least when you sign on the dotted line for an RTO. When you’re ready to exercise your lease option to buy, that is when you might want a realtor, or at least a consultant on your side, to negotiate the terms of a loan with the landlord/homeowner and lender.

We’ll get to that much later as more and more questions are asked on the site — and we deliver all the RTO homes keyanswers you need. For starters, RTO’s a great demographic once you discover the lists or leads. You discover them via online, and here are some of the best resources, costing you minimal effort and investment:

You Can See That the RTO Resources Are There. But How Credible Are They?

Thanks to RTO Reviews, you’ll get the goods on many of these sites, plus others, to ensure you’re working with the most accurate and efficient in helping you find that ideal RTO home. This breaks it down for you quite well.

So what do you do? Start viewing! Take advantage of social media — and let your RTO search run on its own. You’ll find that the ultimate benefit is you finding that RTO home in no time.

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