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Checking in With the Income Tax Planning Network

26 May , 2015  

If there ever was a time to say that opportunity knocks won’t cut it, it’s this: opportunity doesn’t simply knock in this case; it actually unlocks the door for you. Checking in, are we? Yes, with the Income Tax Planning Network, the premier source of tax preparation, legal, credit, and bookkeeping services for the individual, and we’re not just talking about someone on the other end of the phone or “having to wait in line” for that accountant to get to your case.

The Income Tax Planning Network Is, First and Foremost, a Network

You know what that means? 24/7, premium, expedient, reliable, and 110% quality customer service, but not like you’re a “number” on their desk, but a valued client as part of a family. Go ahead and check their site. They pride themselves in the family atmosphere, personalized like a doctor’s office where you get to work with a specialist who actually has a name (I know, it’s a novel concept) and can contact you and vice versa to make sure all your needs are met:income tax planning network keycard

  • Free Tax Preparation & Amendments
  • Prior & Current W2 and 1099 Tax Returns
  • Budget & Quarterly Tax Planning
  • 5-Year Tax Reviews
  • Income Referrals
  • Business Structure Formation
  • Double Checks
  • Checkbook Balancing
  • Advertising Website Development
  • Home Business Referral Program
  • Advertiser Training
  • Your Own Internet Legal Plan

All of that for how much? ….$25/month. That’s it. You get all of thisand all you have to day is pay out of your pocket the cost of one dinner out in the town. You can leave the “Do Not Disturb” sign down for that.

That’s not all, though: you see that Home Business Referral Program feature there? They’re so big on family at the Income Tax Planning Network that they even offer payouts and affiliate memberships for signing up new clients, and you, a client as well, get extra income. $40 per referral.

You realize you can basically get paid to get your own taxes taken care of? It’s like room service!

But Don’t Take My Word for It: Check Them Out Right Now

You really just have to check it out for yourself. Get a “reservation” for your financial suite up on the “25th floor,” because you’re now living the suite life with a network totally designed to help you stay on track toward home ownership.

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