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The Last Three 2015 Tax Return and Refund Issues You’ll Ever Consider

9 Jan , 2015   Video

Here’s the hope that you’ve been paying attention about tax return issues and other tax return considerations for the year of 2015, and you just might be prepared for this new year already well ahead of a week into, but just in case you’re still feeling a bit shady and rusty around the edges, bear in mind these important facts when it comes to your taxes. The last bite of news (and a tootsie roll pop) to keep in mind when filing your 2015 tax return….

An Advantage to Keep in Mind About Your 2015 Tax Return

But first…. Did you get to read that press release about a new innovation in speedy tax returns or not? Get to it. Everybody loves convenience. I do. Your parents do, I’m sure. Even your cousins do. You, therefore, must as well — especially if you want that refund real quick. Even then,tax return duck hunt though, you’ve got to make sure you have all your legal ducks in a row, plucking them off like the good ol’ days when you had your little 8-bit Nintendo gun. It’s like a checklist. I’d venture to say that not even your typical tax guy would know all the ins and outs for you (unless you ask) this year of 2015, which is why this is so crucial that you keep an eye on these factors you must consider before even filing for those taxes, starting with….

  • Virtual Currency — Yes, the IRS is interested in knowing about this, particularly “bitcoins” and just how much you’ve accumulated in your job or elsewhere. For your taxes, it’s relevant, and here’s why.
  • Tax Reform and Preparer Regulations — Be prepared for certain tax breaks now going extinct due to streamlining the IRS tax code. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for certain tax preparers not required to confirm to certain regulations. Make sure such preparers are kosher. Read more about these 2015 tax return issues here.
  • Old and New Tax Scams — It’s “old hat,” this story about the supposed tax specialist calling you up, demanding money owed to the Treasury. Yes, that would be the classic example of a ‘scam,’ but read up on a particularly new 2015 tax return scam here as well.

Tax preparation is tough without the key secrets, without a doubt. So consult, consult, consult. With these issues to keep in mind, though, a 2015 tax return should be a breeze so long as you keep your ear to the grindstone and your eyes peeled to the horizon.

Again, Don’t Discount Convenient Services for Your 2015 Tax Return

There’s plenty of help out there. Never not take advantage of what you can find. Even the IRS itself has loads of information, serving you in ensuring that your 2015 tax return not only is filed expediently, efficiently, and correctly — but that you are reassured in some fashion that you’ll receive your tax refund on a timely basis.

Timely tax returns means quick and beneficial refunds, right? No one will ever know, sort of like how somebody could ponder on the question about how long it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. You could ask Mr. Owl. He’d say 3. As for this, though, these last ‘3’ issues to keep in mind will not get you to the ‘center’ of this supposed tootsie roll pop, but it will get you to the bottom of this new year’s tax return agenda (hopefully).

Enjoy your tootsie roll pop.

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