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Open Floor Plans: Not Just for the Hipster Youths of Our Generation

5 Mar , 2015   Video

Believe it or not — and some did think otherwise — but open floor plans weren’t necessarily in, per se, when it came to the real estate market. Visit H.O.P.E. to Own and learn that we’d like to think they were, as whenever we tour a home for sale, the thought of open floor plans made our hearts flutter. However, open floor plans weren’t always beneficial for many families back in the day.

Too Much ‘Space’ in Open Floor Plansopen floor plans real estate

That was the slight disadvantage. This applied to families of 4+ as well where kids can take way too much advantage of the space between the kitchen, dining room and living room, and chaos ensues. As beautiful as open floor plans are, sometimes families just found it to be a little too ‘revealing.’

However, Times Change in the Real Estate Industry

We’re seeing this trend starting to go mainstream now. Who knows why — except for the fact that maybe social gatherings and such are now starting to be a priority for all families — kids or no kids. In fact, one might’ve thought that the idea of open floor plans was old news; that’s not the case. I repeat: this trend has grown. And it’s still growing.

The Overall Benefit of Open Floor Plans

Typically, condominiums and single-family suburban homes are starting to see the idea of open floor plans as selling points, and you know why this is a good thing? Merging the indoors — with the outdoors. More windows. More natural light. A sense of vibrancy beyond that of the fluorescence.

Who can say that that’s not a good thing? I call that an enterprising development out of all real estate trends to learn about for 2015. Do the research with us at the H.O.P.E. Program and get the home you can make your own.

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