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Haunted Real Estate: Just Check the Plumbing

29 Jan , 2015  

Sure, it’s exciting to know that you might be walking into an open house thinking that this home was the site of the famous killing of Madame [insert French name], and that there are chills, bumps and moans in the night on a regular basis. Haunted real estate: it’s fun stuff, but perhaps you might be dealing with something worse than ghosts in this case. Try the plumbing as one of many scary problems with your real estate.

The Fact Is You Might Have Some Updating to Do on Such Real Estate

This is honestly why many sellers think they can pitch this sort of adventure to a buyer — there’s history behind the house,real estate Ghostbusters perhaps a ghost meandering through the walls, and it definitely provides a conversation piece for friends and family. What the seller might not be telling you is that ultimately there’s no ghost in that real estate. Merely just some bad plumbing. Don’t fall for it.

Additionally, you might have rodents. Granted, they can just be as frightening as apparitions, and in many cases, can provide things like disease to warm your heart in your abode, but you wouldn’t be calling the Ghostbusters for that, but rather just your plain ol’ exterminator to take care of the problem.

In all honesty, the bones of a house can rattle some with settling into the foundation, so don’t be surprised if you hear some of those ‘moans’ and ‘hisses’ inside the walls. Chances are you’re not dealing with spirits — you’re dealing with updates.

And updates cost money. Of course, you could balance all of that out by signing up with the H.O.P.E. Program for your zero-down home all with bad credit. That might make things better….

“Haunted Houses” Are Fun, Yes, But Not on Your Wallet

You, therefore, need to be mindful of those stories you hear from neighborhood to neighborhood. Old, nostalgic houses are fun to look at, but if you want a decent place to live, live optimized, live with updates, upgrades and new roofing. Let’s just say we wouldn’t want you to become a ghost when the roof comes crashing down on you.

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Buy a home with bad credit

Watching Out for Fake Tax Preparers in This 2015 Tax Return Season

29 Jan , 2015  

Perhaps you’re already on the lookout for those tax preparer “sharks” you’ve heard of, such as in this article, and if that’s the case, you should be all protected from the vicious bite that is such a predator. But why? Why are any of these signs actual warning signs for this 2015 tax return season? How do we know for sure that this tax shark is nothing more than Flipper? After all, they both have fins. One wants to eat you, the other just wants to play.

2015 Tax Return Point to Keep in Mind: Where Your Money Goes Matterstax return flipper

Additionally, how much money a certain tax preparer will charge you could lend some clues as to whether or not this person’s honest and professional. Forget the fact that there might be a PTIN, certifications and other credentials. If by chance this person expects you to have the IRS directly deposit your 2015 tax return into not your bank account, but the tax preparer’s account, we smell blood in the water.

In no way should the IRS do such a thing. They wouldn’t know any different, though; that means you have to know. Just like you have to know that this press release about 2-hour tax returns could really make it easier on you this season, so be in the know and get things started right. Additionally, though….

Other Warning Signs to Watch Out For This 2015 Tax Return Season

Be careful about just how much a tax preparer will charge. Why? Certain laws are in place to ensure that tax professionals are, well, in fact, professional with your hard-earned money. Typically the legitimate tax preparers out there will charge a simple flat fee regardless of the amount on your tax return, so be sure to watch out for that.

Or else you’ll get bitten hard. Possibly lose a leg or two.

Other Services Available for Your 2015 Tax Return

Aside from the necessary precautions, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many opportunities and services available here. Get started with your 2-hour tax return here, for one thing. Not only are you solidifying a definite as far as legitimacy, honesty and lawful compliance, but you’re maximizing every chance you have in getting the best tax return possible.

Flipper would be proud!

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Buy a home with bad credit

Fixing the Bad Credit Card Target for Your Student: Son, Let’s Sit Down

28 Jan , 2015  

“When I was your age…. We didn’t have Facebooks, MySpaces and Tweeters. All we had were notebooks and calculators, and we were forced to look people in the face and say HI. Those were tough times. But it definitely prepared us for the greatest temptation of them all: the credit card. Let me tell you somethin’, son….”

(Prepare for the lecture. It’s coming. It’s going to hit you on the head, and you’ll get a bump the size of a unicorn horn on your skull.) “But Dad….”

“Wait, wait, wait — did you just call me “butt dad”? That’s not nice….”


You’re thinking you’re smart, aren’t you? You’re like Conan the Destroyer venturing out into the wasteland of opportunity withcredit card transformer broadsword in hand and big muscles. Cue in the Michael Bay music and lets see some mighty Transformers in the mix, because this is epic: yes, you’re going to college. And no one’s going to stop you. Let’s roll out….

Let the H.O.P.E. Program educate you right now, though, as you sign up for services, because you’re obviously not going to fully listen to your “butt dad” about what it means to have a credit card in hand. That dangerous piece of plastic. It’s a harsh world out there, particularly when you get into college –

Credit Card Education Before You Get Into College Is Crucial

I know it’s hard; but listen to your “butt dad.” Seriously. He’s got a lot of good stuff to say to you. For one thing, while he may sound like he’s lecturing you about credit cards, he’s actually giving you some trade secrets on how to manage your credit effectively without having it get out of hand.

You can get your credit repaired quite easily through Lexington Law, but you also don’t want to face the situation where you have no idea what’s going on while ‘someone else helps you.’ Be in the know. Your parents will educate you on things like….

  • The ‘Finance Charge’
  • The ‘Grace Period’
  • The ‘Minimum Payment Trap’

credit card treadmillThat finance charge and grace period may already sound familiar, but the “minimum payment trap”? Ever run on a treadmill and not go anywhere? That’s what that tempting minimum payment on a credit card is like. Sure, you’re making your payments, but due to interest piling up, you’re not getting as far as you’d like to paying off your entire balance. In essence, you’re paying more money than what you actually had bought in the first place. That doesn’t sound fair, does it?

It Doesn’t. But That’s Life, Son.

The truth is education isn’t education without real application and experience with credit cards as detailed here. You definitely can’t get it any better than with parents, parents who had used credit cards before as well, and they know exactly what not to do and what you should do.

So listen. Listen up good. There will be a test later, Optimus.

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Buy a home with bad credit

Using Your Credit History to Your Advantage in Credit Repair 101

23 Jan , 2015  

Admit it: you hate looking at your credit history, and sadly that’s largely why your credit score’s so bad. You might think these credit repair techniques won’t work with the dim outlook of a measly 500 credit score, but guess what: you can even use a spotty credit history to your advantage. But how?

Consider This: No Credit History Is Actually Worse!

That’s the one thing probably worse than a bad credit score; it’s no credit score at all. At the very least, you could potentially have a chance in obtaining a car loan or a zero-down home with bad credit with some assistance from Lexington Law professionals; but they won’t be able to help you if there are no negatives to fix, and a lender certainly won’t be able to approve you if there’s no data to gauge you on!

In other words, you have to do the impossible, perhaps, as a budding college student: get a credit card! Scary, right? Slam dunk? You might break the glass backboard. At the very least, you’ll do the one thing you, as a future professional in our employment market, have to do — you have to build your credit.

Things You Can Do in Building a Credit Historycredit repair slam dunk

Don’t go crazy, of course. Start small.

  • Buy candy bars on credit
  • Buy gas every once in awhile on credit
  • Buy your books on credit
  • More importantly, pay the balance back immediately!

It’s the payback that’ll get your credit rating to go sky high. It shows lenders that you’re responsible. You could have dozens of accounts on your credit report, and it won’t really show anything negative if you’re paying on all of them on time.

Hitting the 3-Pointer of Credit Repair

Don’t take my word for it, though. Try it. Let’s say you already have a pretty stained credit history from way back. Some accounts got closed out and others were settled, but the fact of the matter is this — lenders will look at what you’re currently doing. If you have just one loan or credit out that’s active, and you’re paying on it, then you’re golden.

One thing’s for sure: that’s better than having no credit history at all. Score!

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Buy a home with bad credit

Negotiating Needs for Your “House Party”: Why Negotiation’s a Big Deal With Credit Repair

21 Jan , 2015  

If you’ve ever thrown a house party before, you’d know that one of the biggest deals and headaches in the world to monopolize your attention is the fact that you have to figure out the funds and logistics for all the equipment, catering and other materials to make your guests happy. Sometimes it’s just not fun, hence why event planners and coordinators seem to make a boatload of money doing what they do (because we don’t want to do it!)

In a way, credit repair’s very much similar. However, practice makes perfect. And even if you’re not an event planner or caterer by profession, you can be a proficient one by practice and choice and save some money in the process. (Have I taken this metaphor too far?)

In Reality, Credit Repair’s All About Working With Creditors and Banks

You have to get used to it. If you don’t, you’ll just be saddled with the debts for the rest of your life until you somehow pay off those amounts and get them erased from your credit report. You can, though, renegotiate with creditors as well as make your payments regularly and possibly settle for a smaller amount, saving you money and time and getting the best benefit of all: a cleaner credit report and a better credit score.

The same can be said for any high school graduate wondering where to get the money (from allowance or that part-time job at Subway) to pay for everything for the party:credit repair money

  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Music
  • DJ
  • Linens
  • Balloons
  • Video
  • Etc., Etc.

It’s a huge expense. But if you can cut down the expenditures some, do it.

Working With Creditors Will Only Benefit You and Your Credit Repair Goals

It’s not uncommon for a bank or finance company to negotiate with you some sort of a deal to make a partial payment and wipe the slate clean. If you ever get that option, take it. You won’t get it, though, unless you take that first step and approach a creditor about it.

Don’t worry, though, about it not being an actual full payment either, because any lender won’t see it as a negative given the fact that it shows you were taking a proactive initiative to repair your own credit. It certainly says a lot about your character. And your ability to throw a great house party, by the way!

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Buy a home with bad credit

Why Beach Real Estate Can Benefit Your Health

20 Jan , 2015  

Aside from the fact that there are practical positive points to owning a renting beach real estate, believe it or not but living by the beach can actually do your body some good! And not just in the emotional stress-free way. Actual science backs this up, so before you set aside the prospect of beach real etate, check this out. This may enlighten you:

Take One Look at the Sun and Sand, and Right Away You’ll Know That Some Beach Real Estate’s Like an Antidote to Disease

Don’t call me crazy, and just hear me out. Ever heard of Vitamin D? Magnesium? These are two of many essential vitamins and minerals, and would you believe it — these two in particular actually exist in what we commonly associate with beach real estate:beach real estate sand surf

The sun, sand and ocean. That’s no joke.

Vitamin D actually exists in the very rays of the sun, through trans-dermal contact. It’s a small dosage, but definitely a consistent one, as long as you keep stocked up on the sunblock. Even more so, one walk on the sand and a dip in the sea water (or lake water, for that matter) could easily give you healthy doses of Magnesium, an essential mineral responsible for over 300 reactions in your body.

Is It Any Wonder That People at the Beach Look so Healthy?

Seriously, just look at the hair, the skin, the smiles. It’s infectious. It’s no secret that a beach and perhaps a sunset could do such wonders. Given the fact that locales seem to quarantine away from the electromagnetism, Wi-Fi and other types of seemingly benign radiation, you can consider your beachfront home away from home a sort of digital detox (although I don’t deny many still bring their smartphones and Facebooks with them).

It’s quite the reward after finding that zero-down home (by the beach) with bad credit, feeling the joy and grabbing the keys as you head out to the Florida Keys, Virgin Islands, or right in your own backyard at Holland State Park in Michigan, if you like! The energy you put into your profession earns you the right to pamper yourself, your health, your well-being, returning you to good form regularly.

Don’t deny yourself that. Yes, that beach real estate you’ve purchased will do you some real good!

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Buy a home with bad credit

Belknap Lookout’s Community Voice in Grand Rapids, Michigan

19 Jan , 2015  

Many might’ve already read about this story, but here’s another way of looking at a vintage community in the Grand Rapids area and looking at what it means for an old neighborhood to break out of the mold and stigma of a supposed rundown apartment: Belknap Lookout, one of downtown’s oldest neighborhoods and quite possibly the future of the working class on the Medical Mile across the freeway of Grand Rapids. How so?

Redevelopment: That’s What It’s All About for Belknap Lookout

It’s a key piece of real estate and community, so much so that I’m going to get a bit personal here, not nearly as personal as this lip dub video: I know of one father who’s child goes to the community Grand Rapids Public School, Coit Creative Arts, and he’s at a crossroads about what to do regarding transportation. Car broke down, and now there’s a big question mark about whether or not to transfer out. It’s such a big question, and here’s why:

The community there at Belknap Lookout is so rich with culture. So defined. So real. So much history there, as well as a community caring enough to know the kids walking down those cobblestone streets built back in the mid-to-late 19th century right on Trowbridge. That father even walked off the city bus with his daughter down the bridge for two years just to get her to school and had her place some chewing gum on the pole one day.

That chewing gum’s actually still there — as a testament of a father who cared enough to bring his child to and from school via the Rapid.

Times Change, Jobs Show Up, Families Relocate — Community Stays the Same

It would only last so long before schedules wouldn’t work out, and the only way to get this honor student to and from is by vehicle. As typical, even vehicles can break down, and because there’s no school bus available, the family’s left with a question: what to do?

Belknap Lookout holds a lot of memories, not just of something underneath, lingering as a way to remember the walk toward the school playground, or running up and down the hill of the Coit park. Even back in 1963 when I-196 was constructed and the eroded hillside presented a problem, a remarkable “Earthwork” project known as “X” by one Robert Morris in 1974 ended up creating the first piece of artwork not done by canvas, paint or sculpture.

In effect, Belknap Lookout became the canvas, a masterpiece funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the first project of its kind supported by the government, all just to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood. That memory’s carried on by the fact that a family is seriously considering the emotional ramification of letting go of a testament to education, community, or even prospects of moving into a new home.

Belknap Lookout Will Always Be Remembered

Never overlook the vintage homes and neighborhoods, in other words. They’re up and coming. You can read about the new housing projects for Belknap Lookout all you want, and know that Grand Valley State University’s forking over the millions to bring up a community soaked in so much history.

You don’t know those neighborhoods until you look at the history behind them. The children who lived there. Those children who walk up and down those streets. When you do, you’ve witnessed the true history and can fully appreciate what is to come in the future. The power a community has can even affect just one family. That’s enough to make history, in my opinion.

Buy a home with bad credit

The Final Trinity of Tax Deductions for 2015 You Can’t Forget

14 Jan , 2015  

Bravo to you if you’ve kept your clarity on this trip down the information super-highway of tax time, returns and refunds, because it’s no cakewalk to comprehend the nuances of what it takes to file them. The scope — as you might’ve realized — of all these tax deductions can blow your mind as well, but that’s why we can help you with our professionals and a quick and easy 2-hour tax return to make it a simple breeze. Let’s finish this up first, so you’re prepared. One last hurrah. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Like Shakespeare?

These Last Three Tax Deductions Will Be Like Poetrytax deduction Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet knew no love unless they knew of these tax deductions to write off on their returns, resulting in some sweet refunds for both of them (that is, until they both committed suicide, tragically). Tax returns would never be tragic, knowing these secrets. You, however, really need to have a consultation with a tax guy and ask the big, concrete and hard questions about what you can and can’t deduct off your taxes, because everyone’s situation and profession is different. Consider these last three and just inquire about it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with not only these three, but the rest of the tax deductions you’ve learned about in the past. Enjoy.

There’s no doubt that these three beg questions to be asked. What kind of business expenses could you possibly deduct other than what you know you already can? Just read about it; the possibilities will shock you. Who knew the cost for finding a job would be deductible? Who knew the miles you drive to a job interview could actually contribute to your tax refund? Staggering.

Don’t Take My Word for It, Though

Go ahead and inquire about it, setting yourself up for your tax return to be completed immediately right here. Othello and Hamlet would’ve had no idea, because of their emotional problems, but that’s because back then you didn’t have this nifty 2-hour tax return to take advantage of, nor did they have all these tax deductions to write off on their returns. So guess what: your tax time will not be a Shakespearean tragedy. It will be a success. So says the legendary poetic bard.

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Buy a home with bad credit

3 More Tax Deductions for 2015 You Can’t Miss

13 Jan , 2015  

Attention, class! Your tax teacher is not finished, and the bell has not rung, so you’re all still mine to drill in your heads the importance of your tax deductions on your return. Pay close attention. You were awake earlier when I spoke of a few tax deductions you never knew about, but now we’re heading closer to lunchtime, and your eyes are getting glazed over. Get some wake-up juice, Monsters and Red Bulls in your system, because there’s still plenty you need to learn about your tax returntax deductions teacher.

Tax Deductions Are Fun

Of course, I wouldn’t blame you if you’re rolling your eyes and popping your bubblegum bubbles at me as if I was the most boring professor in college (and I am), but I can surprise you. I can be fun! Taxes, tax returns, tax time, tax preparation — it can be fun, when you know that the hard work, attention to detail, and a nifty 2-hour tax return can result in a sizable refund, getting you and your family out to the Florida Keys for Spring break. Or perhaps a new flat-screen. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, pay attention, class. There will be a pop quiz for this next addition set of tax deductions you can’t miss:

  • Charitable Gifts You Never Thought Of — What else is there? When you donate, you donate! There’s still some types of ‘gifts’ you just might be missing, but you’ll learn about them right here.
  • Babysitter Fees — What a cool idea! You get the benefit of going out for the night with your spouse while some teenager has to watch your Hades-filled hellion at home and you get a tax deduction. Find out how right here.
  • College Education — You’d have to be an idiot to miss this one, and you certainly weren’t listening in my class, but better late than never as you read about it here!

Studious, you are, up on the current methodology and best practices of what it takes to file your tax return. The best part about it, obviously, is figuring out just what you can deduct from your taxes, because this benefits you in the long run, so I shouldn’t have to scare the bejeezus out of you to get you to pay attention in class, thankfully. Once you’re done with this semester, though, your job’s not done. You must get your taxes prepared and file immediately right here. Don’t hesitate.

Consider It Being Late for the Midterm or Final

As a student, all it takes is one second late, and you’re screwed. Deadlines are crucial. The same goes for your taxes, so you should make sure you know what’s going on with your tax return before, during and after you file. Remember that.

Any questions? Okay…. Recess!

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Buy a home with bad credit

3 Tax Deductions You Never Thought Were Possible in 2015

12 Jan , 2015  

We’re reaching tax time pretty quick here, aren’t we? That’s why I’m still on the ball with filling you in on some stuff you never knew, stuff that might surprise you (but most certainly would benefit you in terms of your tax refund) and stuff you definitely have to be concerned about. However, here we have a case where you don’t have to necessarily panic, people. Take a breather. Yes, your tax return can be a hassle — especially when doing it on your own — and you want to pull your hair out or at least scream “ROYALS!” like Lorde, peeved at the world and the injustice of something that simple (right? It’s simple!), but we’re here to calm you down and bring you the tranquility only zen monks can manage.

Find your center. Your tax deductions. That’s where the positivism will flow, and crunching your numbers won’t seem like such a big deal, because there’s nothing more fun than getting to count some tax deductions to lower your taxable income and potentially increase your tax deduction Lorderefund. You can make it even easier with a 2-hour tax return, by the way — just a little help to ease your pain….

The Slight Problem You Might Have With Your Tax Deductions

Here’s the issue you might have, though, the question you might ask: just what kind of tax deductions should you watch out for? What if — you have no tax deductions at all? You haven’t donated anything. What is the deal? So is there no luck for you in this case? The world’s not fair!

Far be it from that, folks! Believe it or not, you’ve got potentially a wealth of possibilities for tax deductions you never thought ever existed. Until now. Therefore, be positive. Take a look at these:

  • The Sales Tax — Who knew this could be written off as a tax deduction? Read more about this here.
  • Health Insurance Premiums — Surprised? This tax deduction might apply to you. Just read here to see.
  • Education Expenses for Teachers — After looking at just how much material your teacher has to provide, this should make sense; but just in case it doesn’t, read about this tax deduction now.

Best part is this: in the long run, this just contributes to your ability to stay on top of accuracy with your tax preparation, your return filed not only expediently, but correctly. Get your tax returns done as soon as possible with convenience right here. That way, it’s not going to be much of a headache.

The Benefit of the Best Tax Return

Of course, tax deductions are only a small part of the equation. With everything tax laws are saying regarding your return, you not only have to keep an eye on those deductions, but everything else. You won’t be alone in your endeavor, though. We guarantee that.

This will put your best foot forward — and for sure, it’s the most fun foot to put forward, especially when you’re potentially guaranteed a much higher refund. Even Lorde in all her “emo-ness” on the tennis court and anti-pop mentality can show a bit of joy over this!

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