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Buy a home with bad credit

Push Past the Fear and Buy a Home!

5 Jun , 2014  

1901461_782706135081442_5999787625641642889_nIf you have been turned down for a home loan before, there is a good chance you are afraid to apply again. Or maybe you’ve been denied several times and you just don’t think home ownership is in your future. You’re not alone in this and it’s ok to feel like  you do. However, that fear could be holding you back from great opportunities.

It’s okay to be afraid. Just don’t let your fear paralyze you. Use that fear to motivate yourself, and attack the task at hand. When it comes to owning a home, we can help you tackle past bad choices, and show you how to turn things around.

Most of our clients had credit issues, income issues or SOMETHING that prevented them from getting their own home. Would you like to overcome that? Here’s How…EDUCATION! Have you ever heard the phrase “Knowledge is power?” Well in this case, it has never been more correct!

We combine 3 things:

Credit Repair-Legally removing negative items such as late payments, judgements, charge-offs, etc. through the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1972. We do this through our partnership with the nations top agencies that will be working for YOU!

Adding Positive Credit-We help by adding new lines of credit, your past rent, your current rent and your utilities!

Lender Education-We are affiliated with the biggest banks and mortgage companies and we will make sure you are educated to know exactly what to do to get approved by them.


Give us a call today at 800-206-3536.

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