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5 Top Social Media Platforms for the Real Estate Industry

2 Sep , 2015  

Social media? Really? The one aspect of cyberspace typically associated with random cat videos, updates about crazy spontaneous crap, and fan fiction has a hand in the real estate industry. It seems like a strange, fantastic world where the clocks keep melting and cats, dogs and pigs start flying over the Swiss cheese moon singing New Direction songs. That’s the state of the world we’re in: social media’s turning everything upside down, but at the very least, we can rest on this one important fact — social media’s actually benefiting the real estate industry — for home renters, #RTO, home sellers, homeowners, and even home investors!

Here Are the Four Current Platforms Making an Impact in the Real Estate Industry

Aside from the fact that social media’s pretty sweet on home selling as we’ve seen, it just so happens thatreal estate industry clock real estate as a whole benefits widely from plenty of resources available directly from social media. And this is based on documented research and marketing from the BBB A-rated HOPE Program.

  • YouTube’s Changing the Game for the Real Estate Industry — How so? Think about it. The real estate industry’s a visual market, and who can do the visuals better than YouTube? Find out right here.
  • Twitter Makes Real Estate Leads Leap Off Your Screen — Seriously, just type in your Twitter search the hashtag #RealEstate. See what comes up. The results will shock you.
  • Who Can Forget Facebook? — We, of course, are looking at this from a home selling perspective, but after taking a look at all the Facebook groups and business pages, you’ll know that real estate’s on everyone’s mind (not the funny cats or weird videos).
  • Pinterest Is Climbing the Ranks as a Trendsetter for the Real Estate IndustryOne look at this article, and you’ll be convinced.
  • And, of Course, the Underdog, Google+ — Sure, it ain’t a Facebook, or even a LinkedIn, but functionality surely is a strength of the cyberspace mega-giant, especially when you take a look at our wicked Google+ page and this particular page for the Income Tax Planning Network (ITPN). It’s pretty obvious that Google+ is still a major factor.

Who Knows — LinkedIn Might Just Join This List!

One thing’s for sure: the real estate industry will only get better as social media becomes more and more prolific with its reach. We might even see MySpace jump into the market! (No, not really….)

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