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Believe It or Not: the Best Real Estate Investments Are Boring!

3 Mar , 2015  

Dare I say this: the entire real estate industry (as long as you choose the most ‘profitable’ properties) is a complete bore! There’s no excitement at all, whatsoever, and you’re inclined to fall asleep at your desk, snoring the day away, because you end up feeling like you’re not risking anything for the big bucks. There’s nothing left to chance. No fire. No passion! Why would anyone want to be in this kind of business?

Well, That’s Easy: Because the Boring Real Estate Investments Will Instantly Make You Money!making money real estate investment

This is the basis for smart real estate investments. If you have to ‘manage’ those properties too often, you’re probably investing too much money in them already for them to be profitable. Lighten up on them and remember your rules of smart real estate investments and strategy as outlined by Mr. Miyagi (who?). What are some examples of the not boring types of real estate investments?

  • Vacation Rentals
  • College Rentals
  • Low-Tier Properties in Bad Areas

They’re exciting, yes. You get to make a lot of house calls for renovation issues. The payments over time end up not covering the costs, and before you know it, you’re a guru having to shell out more money just to maintain the properties. Is that what you want? No. Not even Casper the Ghost would say much anything positive about such real estate.

Fixer-Uppers, Though, Aren’t All Bad

Just make sure you’re “fixing it up” once! Just once. If you have to keep revisiting the darn place, because the ceiling’s starting to leak, or black mold’s starting to grow in the basement, you’re going to have problems.

Likewise, maybe you’re a prospective buyer out there. Let’s look at the other side of the coin and consider what it would take to find the very best zero-down home through H.O.P.E to Own. As any prospective homeowner would want, you’d hope for a home that’s virtually impervious to problems….

Therefore, when it comes to real estate investments, ensure you’re focusing on the very best. As boring as they may be!

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