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Removing Bad Credit and Adding Good Credit

The H.O.P.E. Program can get you Credit Ready to Buy a Home 

Do you just want a home of your own that you can call your own? Are you tired of dead ends? Games? Gimmicks? Bad houses and fake ads? Would you like to END all that? We know you would… what if we told you we have helped people get homes who NEVER thought they could! Most of our clients had credit issues, income issues or something that prevented them from getting their own home. Would you like to overcome that? Here’s how…EDUCATION! Have you ever heard the phrase “knowledge is power?” Well in this case, it has never been more true! We combine 3 things: credit consultation, adding positive credit and lender education.

Step #1 – Credit Consultation

For those with poor credit, trying to find the right Credit Repair Firm can be a headache. With so many sketchy firms advertising “No Credit, No Problem,” “Create a new Credit Identity, Legally!” “We 100% guarantee to remove you negative credit items,” it can be hard to know which firm to go with. The important thing for you to understand is this: Credit Repair is not Magic.

How Credit Repair Works:

  • According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, anyone has the right to dispute items on their credit report
  • Credit Repair Firms initiate the conversation and provide the legal tools you need to dispute any items on your Credit Report
  • Credit Repair Firms also help anyone establish new, secured lines of credit

Step #2 – Adding Credit

Beyond removing negative items from your Credit Score, an important part of raising your Credit Score is adding Credit to your Credit Report. There are two easy ways to add Credit without adding undue debt.

  • Rent Reporting – Anyone who is currently renting can have their monthly rent payments show up as positive credit on your credit report. To sign up to have your rent reported to the credit bureaus, click here. Be sure you pay your rent on time as late payments will also be reported to the credit bureaus.
  • Secured Credit Cards – Unlike prepaid cards, secured credit cards give you a credit line, and the payment activity is reported to the major consumer reporting agencies. Funds you deposit at the bank are used as collateral for the credit card. Use the card like any credit card, and you can rebuild your credit history by making on-time monthly payments to all of your creditors.

**If you’d like to see how The H.O.P.E. Program can help you get Credit Ready to Buy a House or Rent to Own Home, fill out the form below and we will see how we can best help you!  It’s a FREE Registration and we will contact you and go over all of your options!