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A typical historic house in the village of Egmond Binnen, Hollan

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Stop Renting and Become a Homeowner

20 Aug , 2014  

A typical historic house in the village of Egmond Binnen, HollanThere are many advantages to buying a home and stop renting, and the ability to buy a home is within your reach. Are you sick of the thin walls and noisy neighbors? Do you wish you could paint you walls and finally have some nice appliances and flooring? Many people get stuck in the trap of renting, and fear being tied down by home ownership. But owning a home is a wise investment, and the pride that comes from calling a place your own is priceless.

Here are four reasons to buy a home and stop renting:

Pride of ownership

There is nothing better than calling a home your own. You can remodel, put that swing set in the backyard or host that family reunion.

Rising rent

Rent prices are always rising, and with each new lease signed comes a higher payment. A fixed mortgage is a fixed payment every month, so there are no surprises. You have security to know what you’re paying and that it will be going toward the principal of your investment.

Wise investment

Rent money never comes back. It is like flushing your hard earned dollars down the toilet. Investing in a home is an investment in you future and the future of your family. The value of homes go up and down with the economy, but staying in your home for a good length of times can yield a good return on your investment.

Building equity

When you make your mortgage payment every month, and take out the amount owed on the loan from the house value, you are building equity. This equity value goes up with every house payment. You also build equity as the value of the home rises. You can take out loans based on the value of the equity, increasing the value of the home and the equity even more.

Deciding to buy a home is challenging, but well worth the rewards. If you’ve worried that you will never be able to buy a home of your own, or if you have been turned down for a home loan before, we can help you. We have a proven plan that, when followed correctly, will help you correct issues that are blocking you from buying your own home today.

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