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Finding the Right ZIPPY Personal Loan for Your Needs

8 Mar , 2016  

Let’s be honest here: those ‘personal loans’ we keep hearing about get a nasty bad rep in the financial arena, for obvious reasons. Either you can’t ever get approved for one, or they get you into more trouble than you’re already in. So generally speaking, many frown on the American institution known as the personal loan. […]

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Buy a home with bad credit,Current News,Pell grants,renters


22 Jan , 2016  

Ever wondered why you just can’t get that loan? You have a bad payment history! That is just the plain truth. Your credit score is so low that financial institutions are afraid ofloaning you a cent. You have borrowed in the past, but this time, it is not just working. You can’t seem to borrow credit again. Hey, you are in debt! It is no rocket science. You owe a lot of people some bucks and you know it.

Owing a lot of people including banks without paying back effectively contributes to a low credit score.
The way to fix credit score is to do credit repair. Wait! This is not like some auto-related stuff. It is just a way to make you creditworthy again.

So Why Is Your Payment History More Important Than Your Credit History?

First, let’s understand what both terms mean:

PAYMENT HISTORY — is a record that that shows how often and timely you pay off, i.e. repay your credit. Your payment history is what lenders and creditors use to know if you are a lending risk as a result missed or late payments or even non-payment.

CREDIT HISTORY — is also a record of an individual’s ability to repay debts and his demonstrated responsibility in repaying such debts. This record contains information like the number and types of credit accounts, how long each account has been open, amounts the individual owes, amount of available credit used, whether he pays his bills on time and the number of times he has inquired about credit.

So if you really want to get credit from banks or rent/buy a house, you have to have a good payment history, and that doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out. Creditors will care about whether or not you make your payments on time versus how many payments you’ve made (if anything, how many payments you’ve made might actually benefit you!).

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4 Top Infamous Thieves Having NOTHING to Do With Identity Theft

22 Jan , 2016  




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What does a thief look like in modern society? Are they strung-out crackheads? Or the devilishly good-looking James Bond types that you see on TV? Does it matter? In all honesty, no.

The Thief of Today’s Age Can Be Anyone

Your 16-year-old babysitter, the nerd you picked on in high school, and even your boss. And why is that?identity theft nerd Because today the largest growing trend in thievery is identity theft, a crime where the criminal doesn’t even need to have a face, or even a “personality”! More than ever there has been a need to enroll in identity theft protection.

But if that doesn’t convince you of why you need the credit monitoring, restoration, alerts and even credit repair associated with something like LifeLock or Identity Guard, know this….

Even the Top Infamous Thieves of Our Age Wouldn’t Know How to Be Criminals of Identity Theft!

And that’s saying a lot right there. Ever heard of Robin Hood, the famous man in tights serving the poor?Or how about Robert Louis Stevenson’s fickle pirate Long John Silver and his hunger for treasure? Even the sexy and dangerous gangster couple Bonnie and Clyde would be scratching their heads about social media and bank accounts, because back then it was all about the tommy gun and toting bags of cash. Plus you can’t even beat Ali Baba in stumbling onto a secret lair saying “open sesame” and stealing from 40 other thieves (but he certainly couldn’t scam and hack his way into your daughter’s Facebook account, we think!).

These four thieves wouldn’t know what to do with this scheme called identity theft. It’s above and beyond them. They committed crimes, sometimes in the worst way — either fictionally or historically — yet your everyday identity thief could do so much more.

So take this advice — protect your identity. Immediately.




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Something We Don’t Discuss Often: Credit Repair

22 Jan , 2016  

We definitely should, though. No doubt. Because when it comes to rent-to-own, credit repair’s essential, and it turns out that the BBB A-rated HOPE Program sees the writing on the wall — despite already doing well for customers in credit repair thanks to Lexington Law — and recently reported of their own review of yet another credit repair service out there recently launched.

The Name of the New Credit Repair Division Is INDEPENDENT CREDIT SOLUTIONS

And the department over there is now in full swing to start assisting customers nationwide as this press release credit repair swampstates. Sure, it’s all well and good, and we love a good credit score. Without a doubt, homeowners love those shining credit reports, too. But more importantly, the best part of Independent Credit Solutions is the fact that they’re focusing on the one element essential to the success of anyone prospecting for rent-to-own options. It’s all about credit repair.

You’ll need a 640 score, basically. No ifs, ands or buts. Anything lower, and you might be treading through mud during your trek across the swamp of the real estate market, and that’s no fun for those socks and boots you’re wearing. It’s a dangerous jungle out there; you’ll hear that from even your favorite rent-to-own consultant, but what can make it better for you is a pristine credit score brought about by one of the best credit repair service you could ever have recommended by the H.O.P.E. Program.

Take Advantage of It Right Now. Immediately. Your Credit Score Demands It.

We can’t legitimately review such a site as this, though, as this has literally nothing to do with rent-to-own. But what we can do is discuss it. Right here. Right now. Credit repair’s important. You can have all the services in the world, but if you don’t take that first step and follow through with repairing your credit right now by enrolling here, you might be up a creek and lost in the wilderness.

And that’s no place to be right now in today’s real estate industry.

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Buy a home with bad credit,Current News

Holding Hands: What Everyone Says About Independent Credit Solutions

22 Jan , 2016  

Credit repair should be positive, right, people? We should be grabbing the guitars and singing by the campfire. We should be boasting our love and brotherhood for the best times in the world as we repair everyone’s credit as noticed by the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program. Because this is all about HOPE (literally).

We’re Sure You Might’ve Already Caught the Cyberspace Grapevine and Saw All the News About Our Services at Independent Credit Solutions

If you haven’t, you can check this press release. Aside from H.O.P.E. to Own addressing our new service already, wouldn’t you know it — others have voiced their opinions about our services, and we can say safely and happily that we’re pleased at the response —independent credit solutions holding hands

And That’s Only the Beginning

The HOPE Program obviously sees great things in the future for a real estate market constantly struggling to stay healthy. But because of advancements and growth like this, there’s no doubt — everyone can get the help they need. Simply sign up with Independent Credit Solutions and reap all the benefits of DIY credit repair and bankruptcy services right now.

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4 Truly Successful Credit Repair Secrets

22 Jan , 2016  

Here’s what you have to remember about credit repair — the long-term goal is the ultimate benefit. Home ownership. Easy loan approvals. Peace of mind. That pristine credit score will get you far, honestly, for the rest of your entire life with the best credit repair secrets! The benefits could easily last beyond your own needs, too. Think about your spouse. Your kids. Your life beyond your own.

In Other Words — Your Credit Score Is You

So you’ll do whatever you can to get a hold of the best credit repair secrets out there without having to shell out your entire savings and see minimal effort. One thing’s for sure: without the best credit repair secrets, that spotty credit report will cause massive problems for you in your life, everything from mortgage financing, refinancing, home improvement, emergency loans, medical bills. You name it. So get that credit score up with these credit repair secrets right now:

  1. Removing the Negatives — One call to Lexington Law at 844-346-3262, and you’re well on your way toward the first step of credit repair. Getting rid of those “stains” on the credit report. You cancredit repair secrets-1 even sign up right here to get started. Why is it important to remove those negatives? Because they’ll stay on for a very, very, very long time. Unless you act now.
  2. Opening Up New Lines of Credit — Next you need to show creditors that you can hold up on credit lines, making payments and such. How do you do that? You can open up new secured credit card accounts — click here for one offer, or here for another offer. And the trick is to start making small purchases, paying them off immediately. What you’ll find is the payments will be recorded on your credit report to show that you are reliable. What happens then? Your credit score goes up!
  3. Try Personal Loans and Cash Advances, Too — Every now and then, emergencies do happen in your life. But did you know that taking out a loan or even a cash advance out of your paycheck can actually improve your credit score? The key is religiously being diligent about getting payments in to pay it back. They’re not handouts. Heck, if you even wanted to just take a personal loan out for its own sake, do it. A cash advance, knowing you won’t have any trouble paying it back, won’t hinder you in any way. So why not do it if it will better your credit score?
  4. Lastly, This Secret Out of All Credit Repair Secrets Will Blow Your Mind — Your rent payments. You heard us right. Did you know that your own rent payments, even retroactively, can boost your credit score astronomically? Take advantage of adding those payments onto your report through Rental Kharma, because why wouldn’t a lender or creditor even think you’re reliable when they see that you’re always making your payments? Makes sense….

Of Course These Credit Repair Secrets Make Sense!

And the best part is the majority of this will be a small temporary investment on your part. The bonus is you have those safety nets — your lines of credit and the ability to take out any loan you want at will due to that high credit score. Getting your credit repair fixed is about as easy as buying a candy bar with your credit card — and paying it back, so it shows on your report.

Just follow these rules implicitly. Click here for sponsored listings right nowSign up right now to get started immediately! And feel free to visit our Google+ page and Facebook page to learn more about what it takes to restore your credit to where it needs to be.

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Buy a home with bad credit

Using Your Credit History to Your Advantage in Credit Repair 101

23 Jan , 2015  

Admit it: you hate looking at your credit history, and sadly that’s largely why your credit score’s so bad. You might think these credit repair techniques won’t work with the dim outlook of a measly 500 credit score, but guess what: you can even use a spotty credit history to your advantage. But how?

Consider This: No Credit History Is Actually Worse!

That’s the one thing probably worse than a bad credit score; it’s no credit score at all. At the very least, you could potentially have a chance in obtaining a car loan or a zero-down home with bad credit with some assistance from Lexington Law professionals; but they won’t be able to help you if there are no negatives to fix, and a lender certainly won’t be able to approve you if there’s no data to gauge you on!

In other words, you have to do the impossible, perhaps, as a budding college student: get a credit card! Scary, right? Slam dunk? You might break the glass backboard. At the very least, you’ll do the one thing you, as a future professional in our employment market, have to do — you have to build your credit.

Things You Can Do in Building a Credit Historycredit repair slam dunk

Don’t go crazy, of course. Start small.

  • Buy candy bars on credit
  • Buy gas every once in awhile on credit
  • Buy your books on credit
  • More importantly, pay the balance back immediately!

It’s the payback that’ll get your credit rating to go sky high. It shows lenders that you’re responsible. You could have dozens of accounts on your credit report, and it won’t really show anything negative if you’re paying on all of them on time.

Hitting the 3-Pointer of Credit Repair

Don’t take my word for it, though. Try it. Let’s say you already have a pretty stained credit history from way back. Some accounts got closed out and others were settled, but the fact of the matter is this — lenders will look at what you’re currently doing. If you have just one loan or credit out that’s active, and you’re paying on it, then you’re golden.

One thing’s for sure: that’s better than having no credit history at all. Score!

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Buy a home with bad credit

3 Things You Need to Know About Being Your Own Credit Score Watchdog

26 Dec , 2014  

Your credit score, in many ways, is your lifeline, your genetic code, DNA, fabric of your very being (not really); and sadly, not many see it that way. All that credit score shows you is how great you are (or not) with paying your bills. That’s it. That’s nothing much to consider, is it? Oh, but it is, especially when that score makes the difference between you owning or not owning a home. Or a car even. That credit score makes DNA credit scorebig difference.

You Have to Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Credit

This isn’t just because you want to make sure you don’t miss any payments. The fact is this — everyone out there has slipped up and forgotten about a payment or two, and just about no one has ever obtained a perfect credit score. The main reason, though, why you need to be a watchdog with your own credit rating is this: you’re not the 0nly one who can make a mistake! Why do you think there are three major credit bureaus out there? Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Inaccuracies abound for every individual in the United States, so as efficient and correct as these bureaus may be, even the most thorough specialist can slip up and cause a major ding in your credit report, preventing you from even having the ability to borrow money from a bank. In many cases, your credit score can even determine whether or not you’d be a good employee! Yes, your credit rating can directly affect your employment. So why sit on your hands and let faceless people determine your credit score for you? Be proactive. Be a watchdog by following these three steps:

german shepherd credit scoreWrite a Letter to the Credit Bureau That Made the Error

Whether it’s Equifax, Experian or TransUnion, it doesn’t matter; mistakes happen. If you review your credit report and you see a problem with one of them, your first step is to address that bureau in writing. It’s just a typical letter with your name and address, plus details as to what the error is and why. Substantiate it. Treat this as if you’re a lawyer, arguing a point. Always stick to the facts. Include all the relevant evidence as well: original documents, receipts, canceled checks, invoices. The more information, the better. To make it even easier, enclose that copy of your credit report and circle those erroneous items, whatever they may be. Be sure to send a similar letter to the company or lender regarding the transaction as well. Both letters need to be sent through certified mail with return receipt requested. As you may notice again — this is truly legal protocol, methodical, almost military documentation style. This is the type of watchdog you need to be with your credit score — a veritable German Shepherd.

Now, Naturally, the Credit Bureau May Respond

Under law, a credit bureau must investigate claims within 30 days. So pay attention to your calendar. Typically the bureau will forward the dispute to the correct department, determining any errors if necessary. What you need to expect is a document in writing explaining the results as well as another free copy of your credit report. This is all legally mandated by law. Additionally, correction notices can be requested for anyone receiving your report in the past six months. In essence, you’re covering all your bases.taking notes credit report

Get Your Dispute Written on Your Credit Report

Believe it or not, but you can do that. Anyone viewing your report and your credit score will see that you have, in fact, disputed a particular transaction or account. This benefits you as far as anyone’s interpretation and evaluation of your credit score. The statement doesn’t have to be more than 100 words. Just something simple stating that you’ve “disputed the information.” In addition, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Response Center by phone (877-FTC-HELP), or even file the report online. You don’t have to hit a brick wall here. If you truly believe there was an error, pursue it until you receive at least some relief. The accuracy of your credit score and report matters.

It’s Your Yard: Protect It

Just remember: your credit score arises from something. It’s your right to know what that something is. That’s why you can obtain a credit report and review all the details. If anything looks off, don’t hesitate; investigate it. Why? Because you never know if you had discovered an error that could be eliminated, making the difference in obtaining your rent-to-own home with the assistance of the H.O.P.E. to Own program. Be a watchdog.

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