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Watching Out for Fake Tax Preparers in This 2016 Tax Return Season

29 Jan , 2015  

Perhaps you’re already on the lookout for those tax preparer “sharks” you’ve heard of, such as in this article, and if that’s the case, you should be all protected from the vicious bite that is such a predator. But why? Why are any of these signs actual warning signs for this 2016 tax return season? How do we know for sure that this tax shark is nothing more than Flipper? After all, they both have fins. One wants to eat you, the other just wants to play.

2016 Tax Return Point to Keep in Mind: Where Your Money Goes Matterstax return flipper

Additionally, how much money a certain tax preparer will charge you could lend some clues as to whether or not this person’s honest and professional. Forget the fact that there might be a PTIN, certifications and other credentials. If by chance this person expects you to have the IRS directly deposit your 2016 tax return into not your bank account, but the tax preparer’s account, we smell blood in the water.

In no way should the IRS do such a thing. They wouldn’t know any different, though; that means you have to know. Just like you have to know that this press release about 2-hour tax returns could really make it easier on you this season, so be in the know and get things started right. Additionally, though….

Other Warning Signs to Watch Out For This 2016 Tax Return Season

Be careful about just how much a tax preparer will charge. Why? Certain laws are in place to ensure that tax professionals are, well, in fact, professional with your hard-earned money. Typically the legitimate tax preparers out there will charge a simple flat fee regardless of the amount on your tax return, so be sure to watch out for that.

Or else you’ll get bitten hard. Possibly lose a leg or two.

Other Services Available for Your 2016 Tax Return

Aside from the necessary precautions, don’t hesitate to take advantage of the many opportunities and services available here. Get started with your 2-hour tax return here, for one thing. Not only are you solidifying a definite as far as legitimacy, honesty and lawful compliance, but you’re maximizing every chance you have in getting the best tax return possible.

Flipper would be proud!

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